BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence innovations for Payment Institutions

Our mission is to launch successful Payment Institutions in the Banking and Retail industry.

Be a disruptor in a new digital economy.

Power new business.

Online business has no frontier.

At Disruptor, we focus on European customers and European regulation.

Innovative technology is necessary to comply with DSP1, DSP2, GDPR, MIF2 and match the needs of our real-time digital world. Reduce the cost of compliance with automatic ID check, collaborate with other Payment Institutions and create a KYC-BlockChain. Use Artificial Intelligence to go further Deep Learning and find fraudsters.

In the banking industry, it is difficult to integrate innovative technology onto old 20-year-old legacy platforms. At Disruptor, we help you to integrate smarter and more elegant payment and cash management solutions that sit on top of the Payment Institutions’ or Banks’ legacy systems. Start Bank as a Service with modern private BlockChain to secure KYC and Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow or Kohonen Neural Network. Banks are not comfortable handling over sensitive data to third part API providers. Disruptor will find a solution.